Ixtreme LT

iXtreme LT - FAQ

- What is the difference between iXtreme and iXtreme LT+?
iXtreme firmware had several stealth and wave checks. In this way Microsoft was possible to detect a different response between original and iXtreme firmware. iXtreme LT+ will come without stealth and wave checks, it will assume that the disk has corrected stealth. All aspect of the iXtreme LT+ will be the same as the original firmware. It is necessary to use abgx360 for the stealth checks.

- Will iXtreme LT+ unban my Xbox 360?
No! The iXtreme LT+ will not unban your Xbox 360. The ixtreme LT will try to avoid new bans.

- What is abgx360?
abgx360 is a utility that does several stealth checks on games. If the game passes the online database without any errors, it is assumed that the game is safe to play on Xbox live.